Baarle 90à la carte

Apero to share

  • Caviar 30 gr with blini
  • House smoked salmon
  • House smoked salmon
  • Nobashi Shrimp
  • Venus shell garlic parsley
  • Pata negra 48 messas Bellota


  • Oyster Nature
  • Carpaccio di Gambero Rosso
    Stracciatella, grapefruit, olio di gambero rosso
  • Beef carpaccio
    Parmezan arugula tomato olive
  • Norwegian lobster salad 2 persons
  • Pulpo
    Green asparagus tomato
  • Homemade shrimp croquettes
  • Pommes muscovite
    30 grams

Main courses

  • Pommes muscovite
    50 g
  • Grilled lobster
    Seasonal vegetables, Bulghur
  • Sole Meuniere
    450-500 grams salad and chips
  • Côte à L'os for 2 persons
    Fresh salad / fresh hand-cut fries and sauce of your choice (Champigon - Pepper - Bearnaise - Choron)
  • Thin loin
    Irish simmenthal with fresh salad and fries sauce of your choice (pepper, mushroom, béarnaise, choron)

Signature Dishes B90

  • Veal kidneys
    Veal kidney Dijonaise sauce
  • Veal sweetbreads
    Crispy fried/Rosti/Spinach/ Dijonaise sauce
  • Filet pur Poivre Concasse
    Filet Pur Black Angus
  • Lobster Belle Vue
    Norwegian lobster Belle Vue à la minute
  • Turbot
    Grilled turbot with vegetables and potato béarnaise sauce


  • Lady blanche
  • Crème brûlée
  • Sabayon
  • Espresso Martini
  • Strawberry coupe
  • Coupe Colonel
    Grey Goose